Motivate: Get Going

A Short film about Motivate, the parent company of City bike, featuring their headquarters . . . designed by Studio Modh!  Our architectural work with Motivate was a refection of how this unique company operates, embracing fluid movement and flexible boundaries.  

This video is a wonderful way to see how the company space of Motivate operates.
Thank you City Bike for creating it!

Renovation of chapel for oldest girls' catholic high school in the US nears completion

After a slow process of excavating and editing, a new chapel is close to being unveiled at the John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls' High School in Philadelphia for the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  The original room, buried under old wood paneling, a dropped ceiling, and wall to wall carpet, has been scrubbed clean and re-planned to highlight beautiful stained glass windows that had been partially obscured by the low dropped ceiling. The new design revealed a perfectly intact one hundred year old maple floor, released the space vertically to the structural slab, and introduced a restrained palette of white oak and alternating shades of blue fabric that reflects the school's colors.