A listing of updates on current projects, observations of interesting design phenomenon, and recommendations of things that inspire or reflect the values of Studio Modh.  





Studio Modh has begun work on a new advanced technology learning space for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. The room, designed to house 90 students will incorporate the SCALE teaching concepts of learning while taking advantage of the dramatic, generous volume of the former library space. 



Studio Modh will introduce careful, minimal marble detailing around the entrances to transition from the historic corridor detailing into the new classroom space. 

With a long, narrow room - Studio Modh analyzed dozens of room and table configurations to maximize sight lines and collaboration. A new table configuration, not used at the University before, will rely on 12' long elliptical tables carefully spaced to facilitate view and interaction among students and the instructors.


The room shape is defined by its limitations. Projection distances, existing infrastructure, and the presence of grand south facing windows produced the canted ceiling shape concept.